Logo Leggings

March 03, 2020 1 min read

Fitness leggings are the perfect solution for all sporting activities and workouts.Luxuriously soft yet ultra durable; our performance fabric is made with generous stretch and full recovery. Highly resistant to wind and moisture leggings its color and shape wash after washing, making this fabric ideal for activewear.The tight, snug fit gives support to the entire lower half of your body. When wearing  fitness leggings, it's like having a circulatory pump in your thighs and glutes which will give you a performance boost during your workouts! These pants feature non slip design, non-see-through and thick fabric to make sure you could free to bend, squat, and lunge without exposing.

  • The 4-way stretchable fabric is carefully chosen to ensure maximum comfort - ensures no itching, irritation or chafing. 
  • The leggings give you a flattering look and are a welcomed addition to anyone's wardrobe.
  • Fitness leggings are easy to clean and it retains its shape even after several washes. 
  • The fabric also wicks away sweat quickly, keeps your skin dry and comfortable.