June 26, 2020 4 min read

Exercising is a sure way to gain the wealth of health. While that may be so, you will often need a bit more motivation than that.

The proper men’s activewear makes it a bit easier to bear the long hours in the gym. Your gear is no less important than your activity. That said, choosing the perfect activewear for your wardrobe can be irksome. That is also because different people will give you different opinions about men’s activewear. Some will say men’s activewear should be basic. Others say it can just as well be directed towards fashion. A few say it should be a decent combination of both!

All of these opinions are valid for different people. Not all men’s activewear is made the same. You will have to sift through a wide range of men’s activewear. We have made it easier for you to make the choice by compiling a list. With it, you can be in the loop when it comes to men’s activewear.


What’s your body size?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself when streaming through the men’s activewear isle. Note that your gym gear should be capable of much more than your regular clothes. They should be more flexible and stretchable to adjust to constant bending and twisting. Athleisure that is too fit will most probably rip apart when doing crunches or squats. Hitting the treadmill in unfit shorts will constrict your activity and loose stamina quickly.

Bottom line is that your activewear should fit like a glove. They are only worth your money if they give you an edge. The thing with perfect gym gear is that it performs and inspires you to work out harder.

The Fabric should be fabulous:

This one is apparent. Men are known to sweat more than women. For this reason, men’s activewear should be more absorbent and breathable. It should be able to withstand constant washing along with continuous stretching in the gym. The fabric should not feel wet when you are sweating. It should be light and moisture-wicking. Look for these properties in men’s activewear section and once you find them, keep them. Before anything else, the fabric of your workout gear decides how many calories you lose. So make sure you have got the right material before looking for other innovative features.

 The right men’s activewear fabric will not only be perfect when one hits the gym; it will also be wearable while running errands or in daily life.


Color and texture:

Colors influence our psychology a lot. There are colors that boost up your energy. We are sure you will appreciate a bold, vibrant color to energize you while you push your limits. Every small detail matters in the gym and colors should never be overlooked. 

While the modern man loves donning bold colors, some still stick to muted color palettes. Pastel and solid colors are widely liked in men’s activewear. If you want to go with the flow, choose subtle colors that do not look bold. You should also select colors that compliment your skin tone.

That said, you should not shy away from bold colors that make you stand out from the crowd. After all, life is too short to wear boring, right?

What is the weather outside?

Gym shorts and vests are best to be worn during sunny days or in summer. Track pants and hoodie jackets are best for use in winter.

But if you want a hassle-free wardrobe, look for men’s activewear which can be used in almost all weather conditions. Brands have answered the call due to the rising demand of men’s activewear in this field. Unisex hoodie jackets and t-shirts are an option you can go for. They are also multi-functional. That means you can glide smoothly into daily life from the gym in these pieces of men’s activewear. T-shirts can be paired with either track pants or shorts, depending upon the weather. If the weather is particularly hot in your area, sleeveless tank tops are perfect to complement your hard work while showing off your newly build biceps.


Oh! And the quality!

Does this even need to be told?

No matter it is running shorts you are looking for or a tracksuit to accompany you during yoga, quality should be your topmost concern. Do not buy in bulk those hoodies or vests on a men’s activewear’s outlet sale. They might make your wallet happy but they certainly will not bring comfort to your body.

Especially during high-intensity workouts, good quality gear will mop up excess moisture and dry just as fast. Low-quality fabric cannot stand that. Nor can it tolerate constant washing. So even if you spend a few more bucks on your t-shirt, the cost per wear will be manageable. The way a good quality hoodie jacket feels on your skin is also worth it. Many men’s activewear platforms have introduced micro-fiber construction to help the body cool naturally. Such fabric prevents odor due to bacteria growth. It also precludes excess moisture from building up on your skin.

Besides, quality speaks for itself. Nobody ever stood out in $5 t-shirts.

 Wise men say you should go for it all the way or not at all.

But the good news is that many men’s activewear brands give you top-notch quality for much lower prices. What could be better?


Never stop being stylish!

Gone are the days when men’s activewear companies did not pay any attention to style.

We think fashion and functionality should not be divorced from each other. A well-cut pair of track pants is as desirable as a pair of trendy jeans. You will be happy to know that brands have responded to the need to pair fashion with function in men’s activewear. T-shirts with appealing logos/quotes printed on them and aggressive style shorts are the new hotcakes.

We have to make all sorts of compromises in life. A compromise on fashion should not be one of them, right?