May 12, 2020 5 min read

Choosing the right activewear for your fitness routine might not seem a crucial part of your gym regime. Yet, they affect your motivation quite a bit. Proper activewear has an immense impact on your motivation and stamina. That is true whether you hit the gym daily or go there once in a blue moon. In the gym, you will not want to worry about chafing shirts, ripping pants, or shorts that are too thick. So you need to find activewear that gives you an edge and not be a hindrance.

When looking for activewear, you need to be as choosy as you are when it comes to your regular wardrobe. Your activewear depends upon your body shape as well as the type of exercise. Some workouts need especially flexible and stretchable material. Others need light and breathable fabric. For exercise that makes you sweat, you will need absorbent stuff.

There are as many choices of activewear as there are workouts. So selecting the right activewear can sometimes be a draggy process.

Here is a list to guide you through the process of choosing the right activewear. Now you can get in shape without any worries related to attire!

Your work-out type:

Consider the type of exercise you will be doing before choosing your activewear. Different workouts demand different kinds of clothes. For example, shorts are perfect for running, cycling, yoga. They are also ideal for use in day-to-day life.

Most of us especially worry about carrying our phones or keys during our activities. The solution is to look for shorts, leggings, and Capri that feature pockets. The good news is you can now select from a range of stylish shorts with hidden pockets. Who knew pockets would be so essential for keeping the energy flowing?

Crop-tops should be your best friends for exercises that involve bending and stretching. Crop-tops made up of polyester are perfect if you sweat a lot. This is because polyester is famous for its sweat-wicking properties.

For yogis, there are leggings. Make sure the material is stretchy and has a raised waistband that doesn’t slide down. If your yoga sessions are lengthy, polyester (mixed with spandex) should be on top of your list.

Any list of activewear will be incomplete without mentioning those God-sends—Sports Bras. Worn during almost all kinds of exercises, they ensure constant support.

For high-intensity sessions, look for material that is moisture-grabbing and has flat seams. Smooth seams are best because they won’t dig into your skin.

Quality matters. A lot!

Sometimes it seems convenient to buy those super-cheap leggings on sale. But you should always put quality first.

Even if you spend a little extra on activewear, chances are you will be washing them quite a few times a week. Cheap quality fabric cannot stand that. It will either rip apart or become see-through after a few washes. Of course, you don’t want certain parts of your skin to show through your activewear when you stretch or sweat.

You should be wise enough to skate over those $5 leggings on sale. Instead, go for brands that ensure you have the most bang for your buck!


Activewear like leggings and shorts from the top-notch brand can go as high as $80-$90. Still, many others deliver the same quality for as low as $20-$30. Such brands should be your top choice. They give the comfort of top-notch outlets for a much lower price.

Many high-quality trademarks also offer discount sales. Now, even if your current set of activewear is satisfactory, you might not want to miss out on those. This will ensure that you have a brand-new attire if your old one starts to look, well, too old. There are some expenditures you never regret, and this one is sure to be one of them.

Your body shape should decide your gym gear:

Activewear should be comfortable. That means it should be neither too loose nor too tight. If it is too tight, it will constrict blood flow throughout your body. Thus, they kill the whole purpose of exercising. But, if your activewear is too loose, it will look over-sized. It will also not cover you up good when you bend and stretch. Don’t force that fancy crop top to fit if you feel uncomfortable. Nor buy that swimsuit that is a size smaller thinking you’d get slimmer because, after all, you’d be working out.

Your activewear should be sleek so that you can comfortably slide in. Whether you are super skinny, Marilyn Monroe-like, or somewhere in-between, it doesn't matter. Many outlets offer all sizes and shapes.

You can sport unisex hoodie jackets if you want a worry-less gear.

But even if your sports bra is a fancy, strappy one, it should look (and feel) the perfect fit.

Several brands let you blend fashion with functionality. Your cycling/ running shorts or your yoga/squats leggings should not get in the way of your activity. The correct size provides instant comfort and prevents chafing and irritation.


Your workout wear’s fabric can make or break your day:

There are several things you should consider when checking out the fabric.


Your leggings should not look drenched while you complete your squats. Your crop top should not stick when wet and be fast-drying.

Your favorite swimwear should be able to withstand long hours in chlorine-filled pools. And the t-shirts that you like to wear during light exercise should be breathable.

Now you might be thinking it’s a lengthy list of activewear qualities that no one can find together. That’s not the case.

Some brands offer a wide range of women’s and men’s activewear sporting the above goodies. You can find sportswear in polyester, bamboo, cotton, nylon, and polypropylene.

Yet, only you define which activewear works best for you.

Different types of activewear offer diverse qualities. Some dry fast while others draw sweat away from your body. Others are stretchable but do not become see-through. Polyester is famous for its sweat-wicking properties. Spandex stretches to more than double its actual size. Cotton is light and breathable.

The right activewear should absorb fast. It should be odor-less by not letting bacteria grow inside.

Whatever you choose should depend on the weather and the type of exercise. Your best option is a smooth, light, frictionless, and odorless activewear that moves as you move.


Looks matter as much as quality does:

Exercise is all about staying healthy and looking good. Thus, we should also consider looks when it comes to activewear.

Brands have now evolved.


They consider breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and flexibility, and other innovative features. They feature printed patterns, hidden pockets, anti-odor technology, and tummy flattening high waistbands.

You can also go for strappy sports bras or trendy vest tops. If you wish, flaunt your six-packs in stylish crop-tops. But if you want to leave these things to the imagination, you can buy yourself a unisex hoodie jacket.

Gym tights are flexible enough to give you enough motion space. They are also ideal for daily life. With these, you can look exceptional while you push yourself to the limits.

After all, you are going to wear your activewear for quite a few times a week. You wouldn’t want to get bored looking at boring activewear. All said, though, you need to first make sure that you have the essentials. After that, you can include stylish items as much as you want.